Customer’s corner: Feedback from a customer in BC


Customer’s corner: Feedback from a customer in BC

mTransport is suitable for any size of school transportation organization, from an independent school with a few routes to a school district with several hundred buses. 

SD58 is a compelling example:

School District 58 in British Columbia has been using mTransport on its 10-bus fleet since the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. After loading and validating the road and student data into mTransport, they mobilized drivers to use the application, even the ones that had little experience with technology. After a few days, drivers had made mTransport one of their daily tools, and would not go without it. It made following their route and greeting students simple and enjoyable. Moreover, they were happy to find that mTransport could seamlessly function even in areas with spotty telecom network coverage in some parts of the beautiful Coast mountains!

SD58 staff are now able to see in real-time buses location and students status and answer all parents’ questions. As Darrell Finnnigan, operations manager at School District 58, reported, “We have had a Covid-19 case on one bus. As soon as we heard about it, we went into mTransport to get the tracing information we needed to identify all individuals who were on the same bus. We did not have any bus outbreak and parents were reassured ”.

SD58 is pleased to see the eagerness of the mTransport team to meet any expressed need and add small or substantial features to make sure mTransport is 100% adapted to their way of handling school transportation.