More than a Ridership tool


More than a Ridership tool

Discover all you can do with mTransport

Initially designed as a student and vehicle tracking tool, mTansport has quickly evolved into a complete school transportation communication and management solution for all stakeholders.

By working closely with school transportation administrators, carriers and drivers, our team was able to understand the challenges they face on a daily basis, and develop tools and features to simplify and improve their work.
Recent additions to the solution include:

  • Fleet management features: the ability to know which vehicle has done  which trip.
  • Sending picture: drivers can use mTransport to take pictures of an incident and send it along with information on the time, location, trip and notes.
  • Carrier – Driver communication: mTransport allows dispatchers to send messages to drivers in batch (for example : all drivers going to a certain school). 
  • Disciplinary forms: why continue using expensive carbon papers when a form can be filled within the app, and automatically sent to the right recipient?
  • Using mTransport for charter trips: carriers can add charter trips, and gain a better control on their operations. 
  • Customized reports:  With the large amount and richness of data available in mTransport, many reports can be added to meet very specific needs. Clients just have to tell us what they require.

As we did to help carriers during the pandemic, new features are continually being added to expand the range of services offered by the solution to better meet the needs of school transportation.