Simple and


The mTransport system makes life easier for everyone – administrators, parents, children and bus drivers – for standard or adapted school transportation.

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Reliable and Cost-Effective

Increase your logistics efficiency
with impartial and precise data.


Reduce the risk of errors and remedy the
frequent unexpected situations in school transportation.


Simplify your communications and
stay informed to act quickly when needed.

Modern and Natural

Offer all stakeholders an experience
that slips into in their daily habits.

The mTransport Experience

mTransport enhances the experience of all users involved in school logistics and transportation.

Transport Operators

Install a mobile device in your vehicles and get an overview in real time of trips and locations of your drivers and passengers.


Access an overview of activities and history at all times. Retrace a student’s trip and make the most of data through our mobile solution, compatible with all existing systems.

Parents and Guardians

Get notified when the bus comes and receive a confirmation when your child gets in or off. Receive alerts if she misses the bus or gets off at a wrong stop.


Enjoy a reliable and up-to-date information on your stops and your passengers. Access navigation aid, identify each student with her picture, get informed of changes and even of absences.


Answer parents’ questions without delays. Simplify communication between all stakeholders and improve the effectiveness of interactions between services.


With mTransport, each child receives a personalized welcome and enjoys a safe supervision.

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Discover our solution for a simpler, safer, and more efficient follow-up of school transportation. The Driver and Parent apps are available on iOS and Android.

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