Is our phone still working?

Is our phone still working?

When our clients wonder why their phone support line stops ringing

mTransport drastically reduces the number of phone calls asking for information about a bus or a student, to the point that some of our clients wondered if their phone system was still working properly…

In fact, school transportation administrators, schools and carriers have access to the mTransport portal which shows them in real time the location and the occupancy of school buses while parents can receive notifications that tell when and where their child has boarded and exited the school bus, or if the bus is on its way to their stop, or late.

Fewer calls to carriers and from parents is one of the key benefits reported by our clients in our most recent customer survey. The survey also confirmed the very high level of satisfaction ( 98 %) of all stakeholders towards the solution, including drivers. Surveyed clients reported other benefits such as the quick access to reliable information and the ability to know which students do not use school transportation often or at all.

Finally, parents love the app for the peace of mind it provides in getting notifications about the trip of their child.